The Stronghold for the pirates belonging to the legendary gang, striking fear into those who try to oppse it, the Templar Knights
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 Helpful Guide

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PostSubject: Helpful Guide   Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:42 pm

1. Go to the work area and select "Begger" as your job.
Remember to upgrade your job each time you have earned enough work Exp to do so.

2. Spend all your enery in training your stats. Stick with Strength, Deffence, and Speed for now as Seamanship is not important at this stage. Spend all your nerve on crimes to earn a little Exp and cash. Do these steps continueously each time your bars are full.

3. When you have $25,000 go to the bank and buy an account. Bank all your money when you can, as later on past the loading docks it will be mugged from you.

4. When you have $250,000 go to school and get the advanced allrounder course.

5. Your next purchase will be a home, get the best one you can afford at all times because it will help make your training more efficient.

6. Continue spending all energy in training stats. If your stats are too low and your level gets to high you'll be a constant target spending much time in the Injury Ward when you could be using that time training.

7. Remember if you ever need to handle large amounts of money, Ward yourself. Meaning attack someone stronger than yourself so you lose. Once in the IW you cannot have your money mugged off you. Do the same for adding items or points to the market, if they did not sell remove them before your IW time runs out.
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Helpful Guide
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