The Stronghold for the pirates belonging to the legendary gang, striking fear into those who try to oppse it, the Templar Knights
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 Port Names and Level Required

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PostSubject: Port Names and Level Required   Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:44 pm

Level Needed for each Port and the Port's Abbreviation

Level 1
Tortuga (Tr),
Nassau (Na),
Port Royal (PR)

Level 5
Monaco (Mo)

Level 10
Hidalgo (Hi),
Betrayer's Lagoon (BL),
Rome (Ro)

Level 15
Skull (Sk)

Level 20
Death Island (DI)

Level 30
Muerta (Mu)

Level 50
Reef (Rf)

Level 75
Bonecrusher (Bc),
Arctic (Ar)

Level 90 Lilac (Li)

Level 115 Spain (Sp)

Level 140
Cove (Cv)

Level 200
East India (EI)

Level 300
Leon's (Le)

Level 450
Grakinsnorgle Roost (GR)

Level 650
Buccaneer's Refuge (BR)

Level 900
Lost Sanctuary (LS)
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Port Names and Level Required
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